Your End-to-End Delivery Partner

Our Full Service

We’re not just a factory.  Supporting the entire product lifecycle from concept to delivery we partner with the medical industry to help deliver cutting-edge implants on time and on budget.


We we support our customers in Fixture design and product transfer.  We also work with the medical industry to refine designs, increasing durability and lifespan.


Our multi-stage prototyping starts with using additive manufacturing to create functional prototypes in plastic and finishes with the production of a fully finished and certified sample prior to mass manufacturing.  We can also undertake limited-run production for trials.


In addition to device manufacturing, our experienced tooling team can supply custom toolsets allowing for distributed manufacture across the globe.

Supply Chain Management

We work with specialist logistics providers to ensure that the right devices are always in the right place at the right time.  Our supply chain management team work with production to ensure that order fulfilment is seamless.