Dedicated to sustainability

At Croom Medical, we have implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices. For instance, we have installed energy-efficient lighting systems in our facilities to reduce our energy consumption. We also recycle materials such as plastics, metals, and paper to minimize waste.

In addition, we utilize biocompatible materials in our products, which are non-toxic and biodegradable, reducing the negative impact on the environment. We also prioritize suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts and working towards a more sustainable future. We believe that by doing our part to promote sustainability, we can make a positive impact on the world around us and create a better future for generations to come.

Croom Medical is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. To this end, we have developed an advanced software program to track our energy usage and carbon emissions. This program allows us to monitor our energy consumption and identify areas where we can reduce our energy usage and associated carbon emissions.

The software collects data on our energy usage and carbon emissions from various sources, including our manufacturing equipment and lighting systems. It then analyzes the data to identify patterns and areas where we can reduce energy usage and emissions. By identifying areas of inefficiency, we can implement measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

The software also enables us to set targets and track progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. We use the data to set realistic targets for reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions, and then monitor our progress towards achieving these goals. This helps us to continuously improve our sustainability efforts and work towards a more sustainable future.

Committed to progress

Energy Consumption

A 10% reduction in energy consumption through energy efficiency measures and the implementation of renewable energy sources.

Waste Reduction

Reduce manufacturing waste by 15% through enhanced recycling programs, waste minimization initiatives, and process improvements.

Carbon Emissions

Lower our carbon emissions by 25% through energy efficiency improvements, the use of renewable energy, and optimization of logistics and transportation.

Water Conservation

Decrease water consumption by 15% by implementing water-saving technologies and promoting water-efficient practices within our facilities.

Employee Engagement

Engage 90% of our workforce in sustainability initiatives, increasing awareness and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

Green Certifications

Obtain relevant certifications, such as ISO 14001, to demonstrate our commitment to environmental management and continuous improvement.

By focusing on these key metrics, we strive to minimize our environmental impact, contribute to a greener future, and set an example for the medical device manufacturing industry.