Social Responsibility

Nurturing our environment
and the local community

We’re fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, and we’re acutely aware of our responsibility to protect and nourish this environment.

A responsibility that’s demanded not just by our customers, but driven by our own values. We are committed to protecting and fostering our natural environment, investing in major projects to reduce our carbon footprint, energy consumption, and waste. Our dedication extends beyond environmental initiatives, as we actively contribute to charities and engage with the local community.

Investing in our future

Sustaining real, lasting, long-term change

Our investment and commitment to sustainability has completely transformed how we work. This evolution started in 2019, and it’s one we’re committed to for the long-term. Significant projects include:

  • Installation of a building management system
  • Complete interior and exterior LED lighting installation
  • Addition of electricity timers on large energy usage items
  • Addition of variable speed drives on large energy usage items
  • Insulation works to significantly improve our U-value
  • Careful waste management to recycle as much as we can
  • Onsite electric vehicle charging
Carbon Emissions

Carbon neutral by 2032

We’ve installed advanced, intelligent electronic reporting systems that collect energy usage and carbon emissions data from multiple sources right across our workflow. The data allows us to monitor our progress and to set real, ambitious, but achievable emission reduction targets.


20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2026

Our 2025 Sustainability Targets

In addition to our carbon emission targets, we’ve set defined goals for reductions in energy use, waste and water consumption. We’re also committed to engaging a significant proportion of our team in sustainability initiatives.

reduction in
energy consumption
Through energy efficiency measures and adoption of renewable energy sources
Through recycling, waste minimisation, and process improvements.
reduction in
water consumption
By implementing water saving technologies and water efficient practices.
Committing to engaging at least 90% of our team in sustainability initiatives.
Supporting our local community

Strong ties and a deep-rooted committment

We have a deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility, with strong ties to our local community. Recently, we proudly sponsored ‘Team Spudnik’ from Cholaiste Chiarain in Croom, who represented Ireland at the European Final of the 2023 CatSat Competition in Spain.

At the annual Emplore Engineering showcase, out team of engineers volunteer their time to inspire secondary school students and parents, shedding light on the exciting possibilities within the field of engineering.

And we’re delighted to support grassroots sport, sponsoring the GAA and soccer teams in Croom, Co. Limerick.

We believe that investing in our community is an investment in a brighter future, and our social responsibility initiatives reflect our genuine dedication to making a positive impact at every level.

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