High tech

We invested over €10.2m in cutting edge manufacturing technology in 20/21

High growth

Our recent factory extension has vastly increased our production capacity.

Cutting Edge

As the leading Irish large-format additive manufacturing facility, Croom Medical can provide rapid prototyping at scale


Our in-house team is made up of implant specialists with years of experience working in the medical industry. Our team cultivates an ethos of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) throughout its organisation.


Our dedicated team will engage with clients to effortlessly move medical device products from an initial 3D printed concept to a production mock-up.


We foster innovation in the workplace and are constantly implementing more effective and efficient manufacturing procedures to help scale your business.

Supply Chain Management

From the early phases of project feasibility to planning, development, validation, and production, our team will guarantee that the customer receives the best quality of service and feedback.

Excellence in Manufacturing

As an industry leader in utilising high-tech, high-growth, cutting-edge medical device manufacturing technology, Croom Medical has over 37 years’ experience in partnering with global healthcare companies as an outsourced manufacturing service of high precision components and medical devices

The absolute highest manufacturing quality.

Because your business demands it.

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