Croom Medical


Experience the Croom Medical advantage – a powerhouse in orthopedic implant design and contract manufacturing. Our ISO & FDA accredited facilities and award-winning R&D teams collaborate to deliver breakthrough process innovation and unwavering precision for your project.

Join forces with Croom Medical and reshape the orthopedic frontier.

Advancing Innovation: A Legacy of Excellence since 1984

Accelerate your progress with Croom Medical’s automated manufacturing assets and world-class machining technology experts. Enhance your manufacturing process with the latest smart solutions, tailored to various project scales and complexities. Embrace the global impact of Croom Medical’s orthopedic innovation.

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Created for Optimal Clinical Performance

The superior surface finishing and quality of materials in our implants ensure maximum durability and reliability. This, in turn, minimises revision surgeries, optimises survivorship of the implant and ensures the best performance in a clinical setting.

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Transforming Orthopedics, One Implant at a Time

Be part of our inspiring journey at Croom Medical, as we touch lives with 3.5+ million femoral implants and counting. Our expert team, well-versed in FDA submissions, embraces advanced manufacturing technologies while maintaining strict ISO and FDA compliance, delivering outstanding orthopedic implants that positively impact millions of patients globally.

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Exceptional People Driving Exceptional Results

Croom Medical’s award-winning team leads in the development of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, including additive manufacturing, advanced machining, and surface finishing. Our committed postdoctoral team, featuring material scientists, kinematics specialists, and software developers, delivers genuine innovation from rapid prototyping to custom manufacturing software solutions. Witness the impact of exceptional talent on exceptional outcomes.

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Pioneers of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Always pursuing the latest technological advancements, Croom Medical thrives on fostering research and commending courageous innovation. Become a vital member of our award winning team, actively contributing to our trailblazing research endeavors. Immerse yourself in an expanding sector where curiosity, creativity, and collaboration drive us to redefine industry standards.